Anime/Manga − Character Design (Traditional) − NEW ! Comics and Cartooning − Drawing Fundamentals − Drawing “Disney” Characters − NEW ! Principles and Elements of Design -Sketching – NEW! Story Boarding


*Character Design in Photoshop −  *Digital Painting in Photoshop − NEW ! *Digital Comic Books − NEW ! *Digital Story Boarding for Animation − NEW ! *Digital Illustration in Photoshop − *2D Character Animation − *2D Gaming Animation − *3D Character Animation  − *3D Digital Sculpting

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1,) Choose your Course and Type –Drawing or Digital Courses – GROUP or PRIVATE LESSONS

2.) Day – Tuesday thru Friday or Saturday

3.) Time – Tuesday thru Friday 4:30 to 6:30 /Saturday’s 2 PM to 4 PM / 4 PM to 6 PM – EST

The student is scheduled for 10 weeks once per week for 10 weeks.


(Click Above to print the 2017 FALL COURSE VIRTUAL SCHEDULE)

Classes are designed for students after school who do not live close to our studios. We can offer Virtual Courses on Saturday’s for 10 weeks this year to Homeschooled , International Students, and anyone else across all 50 States in the United States. These courses are available and instructed as PRIVATE LESSONS (student is one and one with instructor) or GROUP LESSONS (more than two students with instructor) These classes are “live” sessions with the instructor and interaction / communication is both ways , you will need a reliable High Speed Internet Connection and possibly additional software to participate. The cost for PRIVATE lessons is $400 per month / $1200 total course cost and the cost for GROUP LESSONS is $200 per month / $600 total course cost, billed to a credit card kept on file. All times are EST (Eastern Standard Time ) . For example, student is in London, England, which is plus 5 hours from EST then your 10 am to 12 noon course would be at 3 PM  BST to 5 PM BST  (British Summer Time) .

To check and verify all local times in the world please click on http:www.worldtimeserver.com .

Note : Management reserves the right to modify this schedule at any time, or cancel classes for unforeseen circumstances. Students will be notified at least 12 hours prior to class time and refunds will be processed. For Students to participate in Virtual Learning , a high speed internet connection is required. *For digital courses that require Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk, you will have to purchase or have access to your own copy. Ask us how to obtain your own student copy of the software, either free or at minimal cost.

  Which Course should my son or daughter take ? Our friends at Bloop Animation explain. Please view this video that explains the 5 Types of Animation!

“Developing Young Minds Through The Art of Animation®”