Character Design in Photoshop delivers magic that helps you bring your creative vision to life. Students will edit raw image files and other photos with state-of-the-art photo editing. Create compelling HDR images, black-and-whites, and panoramas. Retouch images with astonishing ease and control. Design anything you can imagine—at amazing speed. Students will paint and draw naturally and expressively. Even put your ideas in motion by creating stunning videos and broadcast your work in YouTube or Face Book.







We will transfer from paper and pencil to computer animation , this is an entry level digital animation course , those who want to learn 2D Animation in computers but do no know where to start ! 2D Animation / Animate (formerly Flash Professional) is the industry-leading software for designers and developers who want to create interactive animations. Animate includes cutting-edge drawing tools and the ability to publish animations to multiple platforms, such as Flash/AIR, HTML5 Canvas, or even custom platforms, to reach viewers on virtually any desktop or mobile device. Learn the difference between frames and keyframes and motion tweens and shape tweens. Then, apply these concepts to apply looping animation to the different parts of the character to create the appearance of realistic movement.




2D Animation I is a pre requisite to this course. This course builds upon the 12 principals of animation instructed in 2D ANIMATION I and incorporates more complex elements including pantomime, keeping track of weight/balance and acting for animators and voice over.  Students will learn principles of acting and creating accents for dialogue, as well as finding and using reference footage.










In this course we wil build a Basic Platformer Game, using Stencyl, is a great tool for building a Platform Game. A Platform game (or platformer) is a video game which involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspended platforms and/or over obstacles to advance the game. We will use Scratch – https://scratch.mit.edu The Best Drag & Drop Interface our drag-and-drop gameplay designer pays homage to the successful MIT Scratch project. We extend Scratch’s simple block-snapping interface with new functionality and hundreds of ready-to-use blocks. Write Code if you want to , power users can create and share their own blocks, extend the engine through code, import libraries and write their own custom classes that interact seamlessly with block-based Behaviors.










Students will use the Unity game engine to create 3D environments and objects and then learn how to create their very own games from scratch, then using their imagination they can combine and restructure what they’ve learned to create new and original games. Some advanced concepts will be glossed over so recommended students are computer savvy and have some concepts of programming. Unity is a cross platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies which is primarily used to develop video games, simulations for computer consoles and mobile devices. Learn more at : https://unity3d.com







Maya 3D animation software offers a comprehensive creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. Maya has next-generation display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and tools for handling complex data.Maya® 3D animation is used by all major Animated Film Production studios such as Blue Sky, Disney-Pixar, Dreamworks, Universal, 2Oth Century Fox and has been used to produce the greatest 3D Animated Films of all time. Come learn on the software that professionals use!  The course will introduce you the basics for 3D computer animation. Ever wonder how your favorite 3D Animated Movies are made ? Find out and learn why 3D is the NEXT BIG thing in Animation!