Do you offer schloarship’s ?

We don’t directly. However, we have had students in the past have success with these programs.

McKay Scholarship

Gardiner – Step Up For Parents Scholarship

Angels For Kids (partial scholarship)

How long is the course ?

The length is 10 weeks in length.

How much does a course cost ?

The total price for a single course is $ 825 and the course length is 10 weeks. As a courtesy, we offer monthly payments of $ 250 per month or you can prepay entirely. FOR MORE INFO CLICK  COST OF COURSES – POLICIES

Are there any additional fees ?

When you are a new student enrolling into Elite Animation Academy for the first time, you are charged a one time $ 50 non refundable enrollment fee. You do not qualify as a New Student if you have just taken one of our Summer Camps and the fee will be charged accordingly.

There is also a per session $25 supply fee charged per course.

Do I need to bring any supplies ?

No all the supplies are provided that is why we charge you a supply fee to help off set those costs.

Should I take a specific order of courses ?

Are you planning to to specialize in digital or traditional animation ? We can share an Artistic Path for you.

Do you help with portfolio development ?

We do help with portfolio development. We are proud of the fact that we have assisted several students with acceptance into major Art Schools such as SCAD and UCF.

Do you offer degrees ?

We are a private vocational school so we do not offer degrees. We can provide a certificate of completion.

Is Animation only for the movies, what other industries can I work in ? (see below)