Pathways To Employment Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum – Located in Tampa , Florida

Autism Shifts Training Center



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Elite Animation Academy is a training service provider of Autism Shifts for students interested in Digital and Traditional Animation.  Introducing –  “Pathways to Employment for students diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum “, we are excited to be apart of this exceptional team and look forward to providing services to the Tampa Bay Community. To learn more about how to enroll in this exciting new program please contact them. The vision of Shifting the outcome for those diagnosed with Autism came through Vicky Westra, who is the mother of a young adult who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. After 20 plus years in Corporate America, Vicky left her senior leadership role to develop this unique program. By joining the shift, you can be a part of changing the outcome for those diagnosed with Autism and shift the perspectives people have about the capabilities of those diagnosed. This consecutive, progressive training program will soon.


Courses forming now, join the “Shift” !




Join our Journey to develop people with Autism’s “Uniqabilities” so they can live, work and play in our inclusive communities.

The goal of the program is to shift the outcomes that exist today for people diagnosed in 4 key areas: 

AUTISM TODAY                                AUTISM SHIFT

Despair/Fear/Stigma                                                   Hope/Joy/Empowerment  

                                                              90% Unemployment Rate                                           90% Employment Rate

70% Dependent Living Rate                                        70% Independent Living Rate

Little to No Community Integration                          Full Community Integration  


The Autsim Employment training program that helps to overcome the challenges faced by people with autism, including modules such as: learning and interpreting social cues, teamwork and multi-tasking skills, strengthening communication skills, emotional and social awareness which all lead to self-confidence and empowerment. 

This vision will entail involvement from four key groups:

1.  Young Adults with Autism –Will learn job skills that match their unique talents and abilities and then be matched to local internship and employment opportunities with local businesses.  At the same time, through the Co-Living Center, they will learn the skills necessary to live independently.

2.   Parents/Caregivers – Will receive education/training to promote an environment that will maximize the success of their loved one with autism.

3.   Businesses – Will receive education/training to become ‘Autism-Ready’ and successfully employ young adults with autism

4.   Community at Large – Will receive education/training about Autism and the shift we can create to better serve the Autism Community.