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What our customers say about Elite Animation Academy !

Sean Feldman Rating Review posted on Google+ February 2, 2017

“Elite Animation Academy has the best of the best instructors and I have to say traditional animation has been my favorite course to do!”

Corretta Smith Rating Review posted on Google+ October 12, 2016

“My son starting attending this Academy last April. He loves it! He went to the summer camp and has enrolled for the fall session. He willingly gives up his Saturday mornings to attend this Academy. He has a natural talent for drawing but has learned so much about drawing fundamentals and animation, in general. Mr. Todd is wonderful and so are the teachers!”

Julie Klapka Rating Review posted on Google+ August 22, 2016

“My daughter’s experience was fantastic. Not only did she connect with a wonderfully qualified instructor, but her talent grew exponentially over one summer course. The classes were worth every penny to an artist who is working toward putting together a fabulous portfolio for college, art school or employment. Thanks, Elite and Amanda (instructor!) in particular!”

Lorna Easley Rating Review posted on Google+ July 8, 2016

“The class was very enjoyable! I learnt many new technics and skills. Going outside to sketch different environments, allowed me too practtice as I learnt.’

Jennifer Martin Rating Review posted on Google+ June 28, 2016

“Thank you for such an informative week! We look forward to the fall online class schedule so that Austen can continue his animation training.”

Hope Vilardebo Rating Review posted on Google+ June 11, 2016

“Thank you Elite for the wonderful job you do in guiding and caring for your students. My son has grown so much in his artistic ability in such a short time. Whenever I tell him we’re signing up for another class the smile on his face is priceless. I can’t thank you enough for the support of my son and your patience with me as well. I am the queen of questions. Thank you for making this journey a joy for the both of us. Can’t wait to sign up for another smile! Love you guys lots! “

Karla Lopez Rating Review posted on Google+ June 8, 2016

“Elite Animation Academy has provided our son with university level art training enabling him to excel well beyond his peers in terms of drawing skills, composition, and learning the animation process. Todd and Gladys are wonderful people. We have known them for years now, and Elite has become our son’s second home. They work wonderfully with kids and teenagers. My son’s experienced at Elite has changed his life and we are forever grateful!”

Ediane Barbosa Rating Review posted on Google+ July 5, 2015

“My daughter has the best summer camp of her life.She’ll start her 6th week at Elite and she loves it:)”

Ninette Butler Rating Review posted on Google+ Nov 26, 2014

“Before we found Elite, we were looking everywhere for an animation school for my then 11-year-old. We sent him to expensive iD Tech camps all over the country. It was such a blessing to have found a school with such highly qualified instructors in a small setting, giving one-on-one attention. The classes are great, such as traditional animation, stop-motion, Flash, 3D Maya, animé, and many others. The owners, Todd and Gladys, are also wonderful. My son has learned so much over the past year. We would highly recommend Elite for your budding creative genius.”

Joyce Bennett Rating Review posted on Google+ Nov 26, 2014

“Mr. West and his staff are impeccable at their work, ethics & above all EXTREMELY Knowledgeably professional with all avenues of animation. My son is High Functioning Autistic and fell in love with the school, staff, curriculum set before him. This will be my sons career and I can not express the love and attention that Mr. West and all the teachers take a vital & intimate roll in each students curriculum. The staff and director allowed me to work with them and share my sons needs and then set an outstanding portfolio/curriculum for him to excel. I can not thank The West’s and the staff for the steady hand and compassionate heart they have for their craft and these students. The ratio is perfect, learning environment is superior. We’re currently working online as we’re 650 miles away. Except for winter and summer where we travel and relocate. However, because of this phenomenal school we’re seriously working towards living in Orlando. My sincere thank you to the West’s and staff of Elite Animation. A special thank you to Mr. Jason. You make Reid’s world every Saturday”.

Carlos Baez Rating Review posted on Google+ Nov 28, 2014

“My son has taken both hand drawing and computer animation classes and I highly recommend these or any of the classes offered by Elite. Great professors and Todd and Gladys are great with the kids.”

Melonee Dowling Rating Review posted on Google+ Dec 26, 2014

“Our son has been attending classes for nearly 2 years and just loves it. The teachers are wonderful, friendly, knowledgable and very talented. Just love the variety in classes (from traditional paper and pencil to current computer animation styles). We are thrilled to see our son’s creations and advancements each week and enjoy having him teach us about techniques and terminology. Can not recommend this place enough!”