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“Developing Young Minds Through The Art of Animation®”


Mission Statement

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Elite Animation’s mission is...

to provide the highest quality education with top industry experts in the Art of Animation to students around the world from ages 8 and up. We strive to offer a unique, engaging and innovative animation programs, bringing real life experiences to the classroom and providing students with the tools to maximize their marketability and increase their opportunities for college placement and advancement in various industries, not just Entertainment.


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Elite Animation’s Vision is...

to become the best Animation Academy in Florida and virtually the world, teaching students from basic , intermediate, and advanced levels the wonderful Art of Animation. We have the reputation of developing the artistic gift of our students whether for their personal interest or a professional lucrative future.


“A Message from Our Founders”


Gladys West is a Bilingual Executive and Leader with over 16 years experience in corporate environments, including the Entertainment Industry. She has worked with top Fortune 100 Companies (AOL, The Coca Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company, Tupperware, etc.) where she successfully implemented and managed programs in the areas of office management and human resources. Gladys enjoys walking, cooking and spending time with her family. Gladys fell in love with Animation while working at Feature Animation at the Walt Disney Company as an Assistant Production Accountant. In the Summer of 2012, Todd and Gladys shared their vision to build an Animation Studio and teach kids of all ages the wonderful Art of Animation. In September of 2012, their dream came true and Elite Animation Academy was born.

Todd West is a Business Executive with over 15 years of experience in the areas of Internet, Technology and Real Estate. For the past ten years he has successfully managed West Enterprises LLC, a Property Management Company located in Orlando, Florida.Todd has a Bachelors Degree in Communication from the University of California State Long Beach. He loves spending time with his family, especially his children Derek and Alexa. Todd enjoys camping, fishing and all kinds of sports. Todd can only draw stick figures, but he very much appreciates the Art of Animation.